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Contra Matthew 15:14

The first passed by

I grabbed the eye

With it its lips

And pried and pried

It snapped it stretched

It pulled it lied

But when released

It sagged; it blind


And next a two

I grabbed again,

The eye, its sides,

To open them.

They flied and tied

They moved they bled

And as released

They held—they shed.


When at the last

My hands did grab

The eye, in time

It simply woke.

He looked at me

And at the eyes and

Suddenly grabbed one to pry.


About tannerjamesbean

I'm a Junior at Brigham Young University studying English. But foremost, I'm an avid mind and occasionally a poet. Occasionally I'm also an artist, and occasionally a pointed scholar. But those bursts of brilliant come just occasionally. It's hard to promise one-hundred percent consistency, now isn't it?

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